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Prevent tennis elbow with 10 minutes of exercise a day

Tennis elbow has long been a problem for those of us who practice racquet sports. With the Epicontrainer, you can easily prevent elbow and forearm injuries so that you have more enjoyable moments on the court — without pain.

Experience the difference within 20 days. With only 10 minutes of training a day, you strengthen the muscles from the elbow down, which gives a stronger grip and makes you more resistant to injury.

The Epicontrainer is very easy to use and the compact design allows you to train wherever you are.

Advantages of Epicontrainer:

Prevents elbow and forearm injuries
Provides a stronger grip
Easy to use
Provides quick results
Compact design
High quality materials

Consequences of Tennis Elbow
There's never a good time to get injured, whether you're planning to compete or trying to maximize your playing hours in the sun during the short summer season. Tennis elbow is an overuse of the muscles in the forearm that often occurs when we practice racket sports. The result is a persistent pain that means fewer enjoyable and pulse-raising moments on the course.

What does Epicontrainer do?
The best way to avoid tennis elbow is to strengthen the muscles in the elbow and forearm. With the Epicontrainer, you effectively train the muscle groups from the elbow downwards, including the often forgotten extensor muscles in the forearm.

How do I use Epicontrainer?
Place the Epicontrainer comfortably over the fingers and start the exercise by pressing the fingers outwards and then letting the band slowly retract. For the best effect, we recommend that you train twice a day for 3 – 5 minutes. You can also use the Epicontrainer before or after your workout.

Choose between three different levels:

Beginner: Light Gray 3 Kg Resistance
Intermediate: Dark Gray 4 Kg Resistance 
Advanced: Black 5 Kg Resistance

Tip! If you buy a 3-pack, you can gradually upgrade the resistance as your
muscles get stronger.

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