El Toro - Master Edition

El Toro - Master Edition
El Toro - Master Edition
El Toro - Master Edition

El Toro - Master Edition

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Experience Unmatched Performance with El Toro Master Edition

Superior Craftsmanship and European Quality
The Master Editions by Tactical Padel are meticulously handcrafted in Europe, employing an exceptional compression technique during production. This method not only ensures outstanding durability but also provides a unique sensitivity, allowing you to feel the ball with every hit.
Enhance Your Game with El Toro Master
The El Toro Master Edition represents a balanced blend of lightweight carbon fiber, a responsive medium-hard core, medium balance, and an extended sweet spot, making it ideal for dynamic and powerful play. This racket performs optimally under pressure and high tempo but can quickly slow down to deliver a smash that resonates throughout the hall. The El Toro Master Edition offers an unrivaled combination of power and control.
Shape: Hybrid/Drop
Color: Matte Black
Hardness: Medium Hard
Material: (12K) Lightweight Carbon Fiber
Balance: Medium (26)
Weight: 355g-365g
Player Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Sustainable Quality with GreenPoxy
Tactical Padel is committed to sustainability. We use GreenPoxy, an eco-friendly epoxy system made from natural plant-based carbon. This choice significantly reduces our environmental impact, particularly in terms of carbon emissions and human toxicity. By choosing GreenPoxy, we ensure that our high-performance sports equipment is also environmentally responsible.
Play Better, Play with Sustainably
Experience the perfect blend of performance and sustainability with Tactical Padel's El Toro Master Edition. Join us in making an eco-friendly choice without compromising on quality or performance. Enjoy the game and make every hit count.

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Unleash the furious fury of the bull on the Padel court.

Controlled Chaos

Unleash the furious fury of the bull! You get the best out of a drop-shaped padel racket and thanks to a larger sweet spot, the racket is very easy to play.


El Toro rewards you with massvie power in the strokes. You will also experience a difference in your volleys and overhead shots. The racket is made of extra strong fiberglass and 100% 3K Hexcel carbon fiber. The same carbon fiber used for Mercedes AMG.

Handmade by Padel Experts

All rackets from Tactical Padel are handmade with the highest quality by Padel experts. The materials used are of European production, which meets all CE regulations and environmental requirements.
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