The Joy of Playing Padel

Since Day One

Tactical Padel

After countless hours on the court, we have built wonderful memories - and an understanding of what separates loss from victory.

Our First Racket

For All Playing Styles

In order for you to come out on top, your racket needs to adapt to all playing situations. The racket should feel like an extension of your arm so you can get maximum precision out of every movement.

Building our Community

During our years in the padel world, we have gotten to know players at all levels. Many felt that it was too difficult to find the right gear for their playing style. For that reason, we designed our first racket to suit anyone at any level.

Refined Design

For Every Player

With perfect balance and an unbeatable focus on quality, we had produced a racket that performed. Regardless of the hand we tested in.

Over time we have refined our design, but the results remain the same. Handmade padel rackets that elevate your game, regardless of level.